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Belo Sun ( Who knew? Subscribers of The IKN Weekly knew

Here's the NR out just a while ago from Below Sun (, announcing its permit award. It starts this way:

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Feb 2, 2017) - Belo Sun Mining Corp. ("Belo Sun") (BSX.TO) has received the "Licenca de Instalacao" ("LI" or "Construction Licence") for its Volta Grande Gold Project from the Brazilian State Government of Pará under the environmental authority, SEMAS ("Secretaria de Estado de Meio Ambiente e Sustentabilidade do Pará" or "Para State Secretary of Environment and Sustainability").
The Construction Licence is the final governmental approval authorizing Belo Sun to proceed with the construction and development of its Volta Grande Gold Project. The project consists of continues

For the record, here's how the main analysis section of The IKN Weekly IKN402, out last Sunday evening, began:

Belo Sun ( offers a trade on permit award re-rating

I believe there’s an opportunity for a near-term trade in Belo Sun (, due to renewed talk that its Volta Grande gold project in Pará State Brazil is about to be awarded the necessary permits for construction and eventual operation by local authorities. I intend to act on this opportunity and buy shares in BSX next week, with a view to a near-term trade (count it in weeks, rather than month) that has a specific price target. Today’s report on BSX will therefore do four main things:

  • Set out the current corporate structure at BSX
  • Give a little background on the Volta Grande project itself
  • Go over the latest developments and the reasons I’m finally interested in this stock (after a long long time just watching it
  • Figure out a reasonable, near-term target price for the stock.

So without further ado...

Then followed 5 pages or so on the company. Just saying. And yes, I bought some on Monday at 90c. Have a pleasant day.