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Catching up with the Inca One (IO.v) scam pump and dump

Remember back in 2016 when this humble corner of cyberspace called Inca One (IO.v) "A Scam Pump"? There was a good reason for that, you see. It's because it was, is, and will continue to be a scam pump. Kinda simple really. This is the tiny junior that paid out almost half a million in cash to the scoundrel Daniel Ameduri to get its stock pumped to the idiots who swallow all the Future Money Trends idiocy. The same scamjob junior that employed the failed CEO Bruce Bragagnolo just before the scamming began.

And here we are today:

Hey, I wonder who was selling all those 30c and 40c shares when the dumbasses were buying? Any ideas, Edward Kelly?