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Daryl Hodges news: The pisspoor lying scumbag parasite gets called out again

Thank you reader 'S' for the heads up on this.

The 'Concerned Shareholders' news release out today regarding Rapier Gold ( is a pretty typical one that comes before a proxy slate battle and starts like this:

  • Destroyed Shareholder Value. The Concerned Shareholder, Delbrook Capital Advisors Inc., believes that the management and Board of Directors of Rapier Gold Inc. have destroyed considerable shareholder value and continue to operate the Company without a clear strategy focused on maximizing shareholder returns.

And who is one of the members of the current board of directors? Why, none other than Daryl Hodges! Destroyer of Jennings Capital and the person who tried to rape Minera IRL by making false accusations about its people, lying to its shareholders and crushing the share price. 

Bad news follows this scumbag round like a stray dog. Mr McEwen, pay special heed.