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UPDATED with partial official Results: Ecuador Presidential Election: Exit polls say...

...that it's tight between two possible results:

1) Lenin Moreno (current government candidate) wins in this first round by getting at least 40% and being at least 10% ahead of the second place candidate.

2) Moreno is joined by second placed candidate Guillermo Lasso in a second round run-off, that would happen on April 2nd if necessary.

Here's the screenshot of the exit poll results from reasonably reliable pollster Cedatos:

These are nobody's idea of firm numbers, though. We'll need to see the official results roll in and it looks pretty close between the two scenarios at the moment.

UPDATE: At just before 8:30pm local time we have just been given the results of 51% of counted votes, official numbers and we're firming up towards the final score. The need to know is:
Lenin Moreno 38.26%
Guillermo Lasso: 29.86%
 The rest is noise. It's looking like a second round run-off.

UPDATE 2: Now 72.3% counted and the percentages remain very similar, Moreno 38.66% and Lasso 28.92%. This is now very likely going to the run-off.