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Arizona Mining ( still has a serious manganese issue

Here at IKN Nerve Centre, your humble scribe notes with interest the Arizona Mining ( news release of this morning. It does of course shout loudest about the things the company  wants you to read, such as the improved recovery percentages for zinc and lead and silver at its Taylor project. But as always, it's what they have to slip in quietly that's most important and interesting. Here's that bit:
"The projected manganese (“Mn”) content of the final zinc concentrate is 1.32%, in line with the preliminary metallurgical test work."

And that is most interesting, because in it's December 14th 2016 NR, told us this (IKN underlines and bold-types):

As previously disclosed, Arizona Mining has done initial bench-scale metallurgical work on the various types of ore found at the Taylor deposit which does not yet reflect cleaner stages, regrinds or any optimization, which may reduce the manganese levels. The same initial results show very low iron and cadmium contents and negligible mercury and arsenic, which are other common undesirable elements.
Initial work indicates a manganese content of approximately 0.1% in the lead concentrate and approximately 1.3% in the zinc concentrate. As previously noted, the penalties for a zinc concentrate containing 1.3% manganese are estimated to be $12 per dry metric tonne versus the zinc concentrate value of over $1,100 per dry metric tonne at a $1.00 per pound zinc price. This equates to approximately 1% of the estimated concentrate value and is therefore immaterial.
Indeed, in its rebuttal NR to the light shone upon the manganese problem at Taylor by Global Mining Observer back in December, tried to get us to believe that the initial stage met work was one thing but once the bigger science was rolled out they'd be able to get the Mn content down. Today we get the reality: It's not 1.3% any longer, it's 1.32%. Cue 70's sitcom style canned laughter.

Not only that, but Oskar Lewnowski of Orion Mine Finance doesn't sound like a very smart businessman to me. When wheeled in to give support to  he said this:
“We would be prepared to purchase as much of the zinc concentrates, at market, without penalty, as we could.”
In other words, he's be prepared to buy this Mn-heavy conc with no penalty, when he could easily pay less if he wanted. Yup, that's capitalism for you. Or maybe, just maybe, Lewnowski was asked to BS the market by Richard Warke and say anything that sounded good in a desperate attempt to cover up the project's fatal flaw before it totally tanked the share price. Hell...I dunno. But what I do know for sure, a stone-cold fact, is that Richard Warke decided to hire a company of spies to find out all about an alleged short-selling conspiracy against his company once the Mn scandal had been revealed and that spy company were stupid enough to start snooping on me, your humble scribe at IKN, as part of their investigation. Unsurprisingly Warke's sneaky attempt at espionage has uncovered nothing at all, because there never was a short conspiracy against, it was all in his paranoid brain. But I'm glad you know where my kids go to school now, Richard, certainly hope that information helps you in your future business endeavours.

Anyway, we await the PEA from, which they promised for end 1q17. They have two days to deliver, so presumably that's coming out very very soon.