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Everything Is Awesome!, Santacruz Silver (SCZ.v) edition

IKN quotes Arturo Préstamo, Pres/CEO of Santacruz Silver (SCZ.v), in today's 4q16 production report:
"We are excited to see the results of our efforts over these past months coming to fruition..."
Bless his heart. Here's the last six quarters of production at its main Rosario mine:

And oh yeah, there was this as well. You need to scroll down quite a lot under those boring tables full of numbers, but when you do...
Management Change
The Company advises that it has appointed Dante Rodriguez as Interim Chief Operating Officer, replacing Cesar Maldonado as COO.  Mr. Maldonado has agreed to remain as a consultant to the Company.  The Company wishes to thank Mr. Maldonado for his valuable contribution to the Company during his tenure as COO.
Mr. Rodriguez has most recently held the position of Vice-President, Exploration for the Company's wholly-owned subsidiary, Impulsora Minera Santacruz, S.A. de C.V. see the COO has been fired but hey, fergeddaboutit. Everything is awesome in junior world. Everything.