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Fairmont Resources (FMR.v) and its criminal fraud

Back in late December IKN ran the post "How scamsters think, Fairmont Resources (FMR.v) Edition" which shone a little light on the nefarious way Fairmont Resources (FMR.v) was going about its business. Since then your author collected more information about this company and the time has come to tell you all, happy loving people of the Canadian mining community, because this isn't just A.N. Other sketchy junior.

Fairmont Resources is a fraud. A clear-cut criminal fraud and the people running the company, namely Michael Dehn (President and CEO) Michael Thompson (director) Ernest Cleave (director) and Neil Pettigrew (director), are fraudsters. FMR fabricated false financial documents in order to make out they have financing for their project, because they were about to be taken away by judicial order. And now those fraudulent documents have come to light.

And IKN has them. Watch this space.