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Nexus Gold (NXS.v) gives us the latest example of grade smearing

H/T reader RB, kind of you sir.

This morning, Nexus Gold (NXS.v) was keen to get its PDAC scam pump NR out to the world with this breathless title line:
"Nexus Gold Drills 26.69 g/t Au over 4.85m, Including 120 g/t Au OVER 1m, at Niangouela Gold Concession, Burkina Faso, West Africa"
Ooooh!!! Over 3/4 oz gold over nearly 5m! Sounds good right? Well yeah, right up to the moment you stick the numbers though the handy dandy drillcore calculator when you see that...'s one thin vein, one even thinner vein of semi-nothing and big halo of nothing enclosing it all. That's grade smearing and it's another hallmark of the junior BS scamster company.