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Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( provides a timely reminder...

...of a long-respected mining adage: Even the best deposits in the world can be screwed up by poor management. How this team of numbskulls could take a deposit like Escobal and fail to deliver value to its shareholders is simply staggering, Kevin MacArthur and Ron Clayton have shown their true executive skills to the world.

The 4q16 results hit last night and even in today's rebound, THO has sunk nastily on the reception for another pisspoor quarter, plus of course the lacklustre three year forecasts. The numbers and forward guidance has been panned by every brokerage covering the stock, downgrades flyng around like confetti. What the shareholders of Rio Alto and Lake Shore Gold must think of the way their equity value has been decimated by the duo of numbskulls at TAHO can only be imagined. It's unlikely to use NSFW language and the chances of an activist move against Ferrari Kev and his lackey are rising fast (according to certain jungledrums passing this desk today).

And by the way, a quick reminder that Louis James reco'd this stock to his flock of mouthbreathing sheep in....yes you guessed it...August 2016.