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The Alset (ION.v) scam gets funnier

DanO does it again by taking the Friday NR out from the obvious scam stock Alset (ION.v) and eviscerating its content, but this time in a language that anyone can understand. Read it here, it's great fun and an object lesson in how to cut through the junior scam BS and get to what's underneath all the hype: Nothing.

And on the subject of that Friday NR and its reaction, when a stock that has a paid promoter who has no qualifications at all as CEO of the company...
  • Not a geologist
  • Not an engineer
  • Not a lawyer
  • Dumb as a sack of nails
...and run in the background by brothers with a long track record of shady rip-off activity in the Canadian capital markets has this type of price action... have to be even dumber than Allan Barry not to see what's going on in front of your face. Hint: For examples of said dumbos, go over to and read their brainfartings.