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The Rapier Gold (RYR.v) AGM today: The board has been kicked out (including Daryl Hodges)

News from the Rapier Gold (RYR.v) AGM today, at which the board was opposed by a proxy slate presented by Delbrook, is that the Delbrook slate has won and the old board has been kicked out. The leavers include that criminal in white collar and awful shoes, Daryl Hodges. It's also sweet to note that despite the old board attempting a whole box of legal tricks in a desperate attempt to hang on to their jobs, their legal counsel headed up by Daryl Hodges' best pally pal Chuck Higgins of Fasken has failed miserably to protect the scumballs and lost.

Bye Bye Daryl, you pathetic piece of shit. What goes around comes around and the sooner Canada is rid of criminal parasites like you, the better. Looks like all you have left now is your side job of selling marijuana on the streets of Toronto.