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The silverbugs are quiet this year

A motley crew of deluded fools even more annoying than IKN, it's been a pleasure to hear the roaring silence from the silverbugs, that group of diehards who actually think silver mining companies are smart investments. But why should these knucklescrapers be so quiet this year?
  • Fortuna Silver ( (FSM) down 19% in 2017 year to date.
  • Tahoe Resources ( (TAHO) down 19% in 2017 year to date.
  • Endeavour Silver ( (EXK) down 17% in 2017 year to date.
  • First Majestic Silver ( (AG) down 1% in 2017 year to date
  • Great Panther Silver ( (GPL) down 5% in 2017 year to date.
  • IMPACT Silver (IPT.v) down 6% in 2017 year to date.
  • Silver One Resources (SVE.v) down 38% in 2017 year to date.
Ah yeah, that'd be it.

Gold stocks are nicely up YTD, by the way. So much so that the XAU "gold and silver miners" index can shrug off the negative influence of the silver dogs and be in positive territory so far.