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Toachi: There are some who call me TIM

Toachi Mining (TIM.v) came out with some very decent grading rock from drills yesterday, including a headline 3.58 m at 2.38 g/t Au, 93.3 g/t Ag, 15.92% Cu, 2.31% Zn and 0.16% Pb at its 'La Plata' project in Ecuador (yeah...Ecuador...ugh, but let it slide for just one day). The numbers got Beacon Securities in a vertiable full-scale gushing mode this morning in its client mailer:

"Toachi (TIM) – fantastic results out of Toachi yesterday after the close. These results are very exciting - you don’t often see these types of grades outside of the Congo. Buy this stock!!!"

That near-orgasmic gushing from Beacon isn't really surprising, considering how they're the house behind the recent private placements in Toachi (I particularly enjoyed the triple exclamation marks, oh sympathetic Beacon person) and for sure the numbers are good, but if you ever feel like buying the same sort of rocks, the same sort of grade and the same sort of upside potential but in a company that's actually producing and making strong positive free cash flow from the very rocks in question, instead of TIM.v that's going to burn your cash for years to come instead of making you some, here's an IKN top top hint and suggestion: But Atico Mining (ATY.v) rather than TIM.v.

Disclosure: Long ATY.v, in solid profit on the position and with a specific price target. No position in TIM.v.