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Two things emerging from the Bear Creek Mining (BCM.v) vs Peru ICSID arbitration case

The ICSID/CIADI international arbitration case brought by Bear Creek Mining (BCM.v) against the country of Peru over the loss of its 'Santa Ana' concession in the Puno region of the country way back when has dragged on through the court proceedings but we're now getting to the business end where a decision gets made. The latest filings in the case (dated Dec 21, published late last week) indicate two things in the eyes of your humble scribe:

1) We may be about to get a legal precedent ruling on what the phrase "Social License" truly means. This may turn out to have important consequences and ramifications for many other mining company projects in Peru and further afield.

2) Bear Creek is going to lose. It's going to lose badly, embarrassingly and heavily. Anyone holding this stock for the Santa Ana angle and thinking Swarthout = Payout is in for a nasty surprise.