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Compare and contrast: Ross Beaty and Mario Das Neves on Navidad

Ross Beaty, Chairman of Pan American Silver (PAAS), at the World Economic Forum in Buenos Aires Argentina last week:
"I remain optimistic that we will find a solution that works for the government of Chubut."
Governor of Chubut province, Mario Das Neves, on the Navidad project and other mining projects in his province yesterday:
"As long as I am governor, mining activity will not be established in any way, shape or form."
Das Neves also went on to say this about the decision of Barrick (ABX) to sell half its Veladero mine to Shandong, "You can see it in the newspapers, like yesterday when these shameless people like the company Barrick Gold who are leaving San Juan, and these are the people who told us that theirs was the model to follow. Don't fall for their tall tales".