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In Vancouver, style beats substance every time

I am so impressed with the way that Arizona Mining ( is trading today that this isn't really about any longer, it's about the way in which the Vancouver industry goes about its business. We saw the substantive reaction to the PEA put from the company in the first two weeks of April, when first the NR on its contents failed to lift the stock then the filing of the full 43-101 PEA document to SEDAR caused serious people who read the real documents to turn their backs wholesale on this over-bloated and obviously flawed story, because even the Everything Is Awesome scoping study stage report couldn't hide the nasty facts that undermine the (ironically named) Hermosa zinc/lead/zsilver project*. And there are several.

But that doesn't mean a thing, because in the wonderful world of make-believe where junior mining resides, all you need is that powerful combo of 1) re-hashed news 2) breathless prose 3) sellside brokerages with sycophantic anal ysts and a whole row of people unafraid to make a lot of telephone calls and retail (the crop that never fails) will get led by the nose of "thought leaders", quickly come to your rescue and save your stock from moving further towards its true dollar value.

IKN salutes you, Vancouver financial professionals. Your mothers must be proud of you. 

*Sorry to confuse your pathetically small brains, Warke fanboys and IKN haters, but all three metals must be named as zinc provides less than half of potential revenues.