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MarkITorpedo is Michael Ballanger (UPDATED)

I'd just like to thank Tommy Humphreys for tipping me off that the basher trying his very hardest to get people to sell their shares of Tinka Resources over at is none other than Michael Ballanger, the guy who used to consult for Tinka but was fired by the company last year for being a twat. Sour grapes, Mikey?

UPDATE: It's a measure of the absolute intellectual dumbassery of this abject idiot Ballanger that he thought he could be anonymous on the internet. You have to wonder what century these faded heroes think they're living in.

UPDATE 2: A wonderful, face-saving, lawyer-dodging lie from Tommy H:

Oh c'mon Tommy, admit for once! Both you and I know the truth and the way you decided to mis-spell Michael's last name isn't going to get through any lawsuit. Plain Fact: Michael Ballanger has been slagging off Tinka Resources for months. Not only that, but he's short the stock and in a painful loss-making place since the company saw its project take off and run, so now he's trying any underhanded slimy method that comes to mind in order to con the idiot end of the market out of their shares. Why the two-faced Giustra fellator Humphreys should decide to dox Ballanger and then just hours later go back on his word is an issue you should take up with his paymaster Frankie, not IKN.