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OT: Carlos Kaiser, football's greatest conman

This is great. I read it in the week and saved it for a short weekend here, footy and that. The story of Carlos Kaiser has to be read to be believed and according to the report, it's the subject of an upcoming documentary too.  Here's part of the intro, you'll enjoy the whole thing by clicking that link above.
Renato Gaúcho, one of the finest Brazilian players of his generation, calls Kaiser “the greatest footballer never to have played football”. He had a career spanning more than two decades, during which he was associated with Rio’s four biggest clubs – Flamengo, Fluminense, Botafogo and Vasco da Gama – as well as Bangu, América and a number of overseas teams. Yet throughout his career he went out of his way not to play football. “I wanted to be among the other players,” Kaiser says. “I just didn’t want to play. It’s everybody else’s problem if they want me to be a footballer. Not even Jesus pleased everybody. Why would I?”