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The impressive bullshit artists at Northern Dynasty (NAK) (

Only a company dead set on hoodwinking the stupid would do what they did today. Instead of being granted a real and serious permit, they were given a temporary, 12 month permit that was granted to give strictly limited surface access to their own property and only means they are obliged to make environmental reparations to the shit they've already done to the land there (they even have to deposit U$2m in an escrow account to convince authorities they'll do the repair work). But then comes the magical moment as they the zero-moral scum at NAK spin it to the world of the believe-anything gullibles in junior world that the piece of paper they received is in fact a positive, rather than the reality. It's a de facto fine and news that NAK cannot drill, explore or in any way advance its project. And the market falls for it.

My stars, you junior mining speculators are fucking stupid. And that's what scamsters like the management at NAK rely upon.