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The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:

Third Place: "And a proxy fight at Gold Reserve (GRZ.v)". We shine a light on the upcoming Belanger battle.

Second Place: "The Rapier Gold (RYR.v) AGM today: The board has been kicked out (including Daryl Hodges)". This post got busy because IKN broke the news, which was confirmed by the company the next morning. Daryl Hodges has now been kicked off two separate boards in proxy battles in less than two years. Is that some sort of record? And Chuck Higgins is a total failure as a lawyer...but everyone at Minera IRL knew that already.
First Place: "Cobalt juniors are for suckers". By far the most popular post of the week, as the combo of 1) latest pump fashion metal 2) promoters failing to disclose the real truth about the players n the cobalt space and 3) inquiring minds wanting to know what the catch is and nobody tells them (except here) proves a winning trifecta. Mine stock pumpers don't like the truth.