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The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:

Third Place: "By mouthbreather demand: IKN writes nice things about a junior mining stock". You wouldn't believe the stupidity contained by some of the hatemail I get. Then again, maybe you would. Atico popped on publication by over 22% too, which just adds another layer of stupid to the whole exercise. Seriously, I wonder about the level of dumbassery out there sometimes. An idiot pissant blogger writes a diatribe of snark and as a result, over $10m gets added to the market cap of a smallcap producer. Madness layered upon madness.

Second Place: "Why is it that nearly all mining stocks are going down...", a post which continues with "...except the two I want to buy/add?" as the whole message. There's nothing else, which begs another question; Why is it that the silly little two line throwaway posts are often some of the most popular? Happens a lot, I've never really understood it.
First Place: "This Angry Geologist piece on Barkerville Gold (" and deservedly so, too. I just get to reflect in his glory from time to time, for my money TAG has become the single most influential mining blog in the business.