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Asanko Gold (AKG): Everything Is Awesome

Is there anyone left out there who still doubts that K2 Assoc was right about its "Short Asanko" call last year? And that all the fawning sell side coverage that pumped it to absurd levels was wrong? If there are any True Believers holding out against cruel reality, they should take a look at today's NR from AKG this morning and have a jolly good think about what it really means. Here's an extract, your humble scribe does a bit of highlighting:

Peter Breese, President and CEO, commented, "With the successful in-fill drill program completed and timely approval from the regulatory authorities, it made perfect sense to accelerate Akwasiso ahead of Dynamite Hill given its proximity to the plant, lower capital costs and that it is a larger and higher grade deposit than Dynamite Hill. The local mining contractor has already mobilized to site with road construction and site preparation at an advanced stage. First ore from Akwasiso is due in June 2017 and we expect the mining and processing costs of this ore to be considerably cheaper than the current hard rock operations at Nkran.

Yup, they're this desperate to tap a 214k resource. As they say round these parts, pez por la boca muere. Whole NR here.