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Brazil: The Temer scandal

LADB has your back. Here's how Jordana Timerman's post starts, but you need to go over and read it all:
Two businessmen secretly recorded Brazilian President Michel Temer telling them to continue paying a jailed politician hush money, according to a report yesterday by O Globo that has scandalized a country already accustomed to House of Cards plot twists. 
The tape from March forms part of the plea bargain testimony submitted by brothers Joesley and Wesley Batista, who run the country’s biggest meat-packing firm JBS. Their tapes reportedly implicate other high level politicians such as former presidential candidate Aecio Neves and the former finance minister Guido Mantega.

In covert recordings made during two conversations in March, Joesley tells Temer he is paying former House speaker Eduardo Cunha to keep him quiet, to which the president allegedly replies: "You have to keep it going, OK?" The executives carried a recorder in their pocket in conversations with politicians, according to O Globo. It's not clear what Cunha was allegedly being paid to keep silent about.

Full report here, today's must-read on LatAm.