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IKN explains what's going on at Antioquia Gold (AGD.v)

Did you see Antioquia Gold (AGD.v) drop 30% on big volume today? Are you wondering why this company that's recently been pumped for cash payments by Northern Miner's despicable racist John Cumming has suddenly given back all the price gains won since Cummins's puff piece late last year? Pretty simple really, as the dynamic duo of Cori Puno (a piece of crap private mining company in Peru which treats its employees and locals around the mine like shit), Alvaro Espinoza and the recently appointed CEO Gonzalo de Losada, are engineering a price crisis in order to snatch the company at a bargain price and fold it into Batero Gold (BAT.v) at pennies on the dollar.

You read it here first, sportsfans.