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K92 Mining: Good news for the KNTs on board.

The news today from junior mining's very own Derek and Clive company, K92 Mining (KNT.v), is good for the board of directors and therefore for all stakeholders, of course. The company held its AGM and we are pleased to report that every single KNT on the board was re-elected. Head KNT and Chairman Tookie Angus was re-elected. Ian Stalker, the KNT of a CEO, was re-elected. Bryan Slusarchuk is the KNT president and he was re-elected too. Add to the approved list the other four KNT directors John Lewins, Mark Eaton, Saurabh Handa and Graham Wheelock. In fact every single KNT on the board was voted back in.

Good news for all the KNTs, in fact.