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Muddy Waters shorts Asanko (AKG)

Which is interesting, of course. Plenty of comments in my mailbox this morning about the appearance of Carson Block (MW head honcho) on BNN TV and, of course, you can read the MW position on AKG at its website. Everybody knows the IKN position on this company and how we've followed the K2Assoc short position. The way the K2 forecasts and especially the timing of them have turned out to be accurate has been impressive. All fine and good, but I'll leave it to reader "S" for a more insightful mailbox comment:

"...look at the difference between when AKG was halted in the US VS Canada. If you were a Canadian retail investor trying to sell you stock and didn't have access to the US markets like the institutional investors do, it would kind of suck."

Absolutely. Just another example to show how retail (esp Canadian) gets reamed on this non-level playing field.