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The rulers of junior mining newsletters: A straw poll

It's been nearly two weeks since the Metals Investor Forum (MIF) in Vancouver (May 5 and 6) and just over a week since the presentations of all newsletter writers who presented there were stuck on Youtube (all right here). By luck or judgement, this evening your humble scribe was over at the page where all the presentations are stored for a completely different reason but, while there, couldn't help but notice the viewer figures for the MIF newsletter writer slots. They're a straw poll of overall popularity for me, take a look for yourself:

It doesn't surprise this humble corner of cyberspace to see Joe Mazumdar (1,714 views) of Exploration Insights at the top of the poll. Then come Kaiser (1,375) and Coffin (1,019) but even those don't really pack in the viewers. Meanwhile, nobody else can even muster 1,000 views. 

In comparison, if I stick a video of the neighbour's cat playing with a ball of wool or my dog going wappy running round the house and banging into furniture, we're both guaranteed 10,000 views minimum. That's junior mining for you.