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Two days ago...

...on May 9th, your humble scribe wrote short'n'sweet positives on the price of gold...

 "...if the drop stops around here, it could be a whole 
lot of upside fun and frolics in the near future."

...and on Sandstorm...

"It's amazingly cheap right now."

...Gold ( (SAND).

Two days later, gold did indeed bounce on that red line, is $10/oz higher and suddenly moving like a champ. Meanwhile SAND is up nearly 10% and making Doody look like the tool that he is. And let's be clear, SAND has only just started on its rebound move, there's a ton of upside left to come on this move. It may take a few weeks, the info lockdown at the company while its purchase of the AIM-listed MARL goes through will make sure of that so you're not going to get much market pumperation in the meantime. But the savvier among you should love that, not hate it. Further questions?