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Marin Katusa and the short sellers

If I were Marin Katusa, I'd be crapping myself about the future. It's one thing to pump bullshit companies to idiots on a small scale, but when you try to scale up and pump larger-scale pieces of crap to the world, especially ones that trade on the NYSE... suddenly come under the scrutiny of bigger fish that swim in bigger pools. So far this year we've seen two Katusa pump jobs, Northern Dynasty and Asanko, get headline-making short sale attacks and due to the way Katusa pumps several other companies of their ilk, I'd bet a dollar to a donut that the shorties are poring over the other companies he stuffs down the throat of his hapless clients in exchange for their money. 

They're stealing your lunch and reverting you to the mean, Marin. The game isn't up yet, but the signals are there.