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More delays on the Cannabis Wheaton (CBW.v) financing

So just to recap:

First Cannabis Wheaton (CBW.v) wanted to raise $80m with Eight Capital and Canaccord but that was scrapped when massive conflicts of interest came to light (the people at Canaccord and 8cap running the deal own multi-millions of shares each, all bought for pennies).

Then Cannbis Wheaton wanted to raise $50m with Mackie running the book, but the close date passed without a word and then the company booted the placement date limit forward and raised the offering to $60m, due to close June 28th.

And here we are on June 29th, a day after the latest iteration of this placement was supposed to close, and not a sausage from CBW either last night or today.

Of course there's nothing shady about this company.