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The fun never stops at Eight Capital

They're going to get the name of the (almost certainly Dundee or ex-Dundee) whistleblower. Here's the link and here's the text. As an IKN pal pointed out last week, Sferra and Attanasio have yet to grasp the concept of The Streisand Effect.

Eight Capital men win identifying order for "MadeIn86"
Current Events (C:*CURRENT)
Monday June 26 2017 - Street Wire
by Mike Caswell

Toronto businessmen Mark Attanasio and Donata Sferra have won an order in the Supreme Court of British Columbia directing Stockhouse Publishing Ltd. to identify forum user "MadeIn86." A judge has ordered Stockhouse to disclose the user's registered name and contact information. Also covered by the order is the user's IP address, which could allow Mr. Attanasio and Mr. Sferra to track the user through his Internet service provider.
The order comes just over a week after the two men complained to the court about MadeIn86. They said that he was behind a single post that appeared in Stockhouse on June 5, 2017, that was entirely false and defamatory. The post accused them of having sex with their superiors to get ahead. It also called both men "crooked" and said that Mr. Sferra was "deep fryer Slimy."

Details of the case are contained in a petition the men filed at the Vancouver courthouse on June 13, 2017. They identified themselves as the operators of Eight Capital Partners, a broker-dealer that was formerly known as Dundee Capital Partners. The post that they complained of appeared in the Stockhouse form for CBW, which is the symbol for Cannabis Wheaton Corp.
The post, which was included in full with the petition, was titled "The Criminal Chuck Got in Bed With." It began with Mr. Attanasio, accusing him of "banging his boss at National Bank as a young trader" and of improprieties related to an organic food company called Blue Goose Corp. He and the company's president "connived to purchase land properties and assets at ridiculously inflated prices they owned secretly ... even though the land and assets were of no use to Blue Goose Corp.," the post read.

"When the scheme was about to be blown wide open Mark Attanasio decided to 'blow the whistle' as an informant to save his skin. Ned Goodman, the owner of Blue Goose Pure Foods decided to offer Mark Attanasio a position in Dundee Corporation keeping him safe as a whistle-blower, and offer him a chance to fix the mess," the post continued.

As for Mr. Sferra, the post explained how he "drew up a clever strategy to slither his way from the Sales desk of Dundee Securities to the Mining Investment Banking Team while banging the head of HR Naomi Ruby whose husband found out about the affair and divorced her recently." The post went on to explain how Mr. Sferra "caused so much havoc" that many of Dundee's best employees left and set up a competing firm, Maxit Capital. "Bright minds like Bob Sangha, Brad Ralph and upcoming young wiz's like Mike Spencer and Stanley lu started Maxit and quadrupled their deals and earnings in less that a year of opening shop while Dundee Securities went for a deep dive catastrophe," it stated.

Mr. Attanasio and Mr. Sferra claimed that the post had caused serious injury to their business and personal reputations. They said that they had sought assistance from Stockhouse to identify the author, but Stockhouse would not release any identifying information without a court order.

Vancouver lawyer Robert Deane of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP filed the petition on behalf of Mr. Attanasio and Mr. Sferra. Stockhouse did not appear in court to oppose the matter.