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Thoughts on Red Eagle (

For the record, I'm long Red Eagle ( and I'm staying that way without any worries but that can't be said for many other market participants. It's one of the most interesting "whisper companies" out there at the moment, simply for the quantity of rumours and intel that swirl around it. There are many reasons for all this talk but it all boils down to one thing; somebody is trying to turn a profit on the noise. There have been so many cases of this desk receiving, "I've heard that..." mails and phone calls re. that I've lost count, with subjects including landslides, ground conditions, lack of ore, executive delinquencies all covered and the best ones, though almost always bullshit, all contain a grain of truth around which the story is spun. The latest is that because San Ramón has no ore is trying to buy feed from third parties. Again, in part that's true because until the next stope is opened (due online July) the plant has excess capacity and it makes sense for the company to earn a bit of cash flow in the meatime by buying in, but this small and ultimately inconsequential fact has been magnified into yet another "we all gonna die" story. Thing is, unlike other attempts at jawboning a stock up or down, the rumourmill really has worked its magic on and you can see that in the way the stock trades. Weak hands abound. Like I say, I'm long and staying that way, IKN's kung fu is stronger than most kung fu. is going to be just fine. Remember this post in late 2017, yeah?