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Zinc One (Z.v): The latest Keith Neumeyer/Daniel Ameduri BS pump is...

...withering on the vine. Good.

Keith Neumeyer paid Daniel Ameduri $250,000 to pump this sack of crud to the end of May and he tried hard, sending out several hyped up lumps of verbal diarrhea, but it would seem that even the fools on Ameduri's mailing list seem to have got tired of their BS. Here's how Ameduri kicked off his original pump letter on May 17th:
 Dear Reader,

We are so certain that this extremely undervalued company is a strong buy here, we are staking our entire careers on this single stock pick.
I, Daniel Ameduri, fully expect this company to lead the rally for zinc stocks, to the point that if my recommendation to you here today at CAD$0.65 doesn’t at least double over the next year, I will officially close down my letter.
In fact, I see this stock as a coiled spring, and I believe that I may be proven right over the next 30 days, with 11 months to spare!

Are we nearly at $1.30 yet, Daniel?

There are so many things wrong with this D.O.A. dog that I don't know where to start, but the mai problem is flashy headline grades or not, that the Bongará zinc oxide project they're trying to fob off truly is a piece of crap, picked over and rejected by a whole bunch of serious companies before Neumeyer decided he could sucker a new bunch of idiots with it. The key is in the word "oxide", by the way.