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A Rye Patch (RPM.v) question

In this NR dated June 2nd, Rye Patch Gold (RPM.v) told us its April 2017 production was 485 oz

In this NR dated today, RPM tells us its April 2017 production was 1,037 oz.

Which news release is the lie, Howald?

And before you say anything, if "gold poured" is not the same as "production", why is the May number exactly the same for both NRs? My stars, if there's one thing I hate about juniors, it's when they retroactively bullshit on their numbers.

UPDATE: A. Reader enlightens:
Regarding your post today concerning Rye Patch's gold production for April 2017, the May 1st press release indicates that the gold pour in April included 485 ounces from the new South Heap Leach Pad, and 602 ounces from "residual leaching" of the old Florida Canyon and Standard Gold mines. This gives the total of 1,087 ounces seen in today's press release. 

However, this does lead me to wonder whether there is any of this "residual leaching" included in the production totals for the subsequent months.

Fair enough.