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BREAKING: Six Continental Gold ( security personnel dead in Buriticá gold mine incident, Colombia

Reports are still early on this incident, but according to initial reports six seven security guards working for Continental Gold ( were doing their rounds in and around their area of vigilance when they entered one of the nearby artisanal mine workings and found illegal miners working there. In the confrontation that followed,the illegals set off explosions and then burned car tyres underground, the resulting smoke asphyxiated the security guards. Of the seven guards, six died at the scene while one managed to escape and is now in hospital (and is bound to give more details once interviewed).

UPDATE: Here's what the secretary of the government of Antioquia told reporters a few minutes ago:

 "The security personnel of Continental Gold were doing their rounds and found that Cafeto Gold had got into their tunnel and were extracting gold, that's where the confrontation occurred. There were some explosions and a landslide. It seems, according to the security guard that survived, they set fire to care tyres that suffocated them and stopped them from getting out (of the tunnel)."

UPDATE 2:  CNL has given us a news release, read it here