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Dear Mister Becker Boris, I am from Bhartistan...

...and I would be humbled for you to consider a most excellent investment opportunity in the beautiful country of Nigeria and its oil industry, of which I am a great expert. I am happy to await your reply at my import & export business Forbes & Manhattan, but time is limited on this special opportunity only for you.

With love in most happiness, Stan.

You think I'm joking? Think again. This link starts by telling us...

Boris Becker 'invested in Nigerian oil firms that 
plunged in value', before losing £100m fortune

...and later tells us this:
The magazine claims it has seen details of a single investment of “more than $10m” in Nigerian oil prepared for Mr Becker by Forbes & Manhattan, a Canadian investment bank and a former associate of the tennis player. Forbes & Manhattan did not reply to a request for comment.

Boris learns the hard way about the political risk of Bhartistan. My thanks to reader S for the heads up.