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More on the Continental Gold ( deaths

The incident in Buriticá this weekend that caused the death of six security guards at Continental Gold ( is headline news in Colombia, where there's a whole bunch of reports and analyses to choose from (Spanish language link). At the present time, the theory of a criminal attack on the security guards by illegal miners is the most likely chain of events, according to both police and local authorities. 

This link has the words of the only survivor of the seven people attacked. In essence, the seven were underground dong an inspection of a mine tunnel when they were attacked. The attackers set fire to car tyres, which filled the tunnel with toxic smoke. Six of the seven turned heel and tried to exit in the direction from where they came, the seventh at the back saw the tunnel filling with smoke and chose a different route, via a side tunnel where there was less smoke. He stayed there for about five minutes, then re-traced his steps towards the exit. He saw the bodies of three of his six companions on the way out, managed to get close to the tunnel entrance, almost suffocated himself and was helped the last few metres by a rescuer.

In a separate thought, we now know that CNL's claim of illegal mining being eliminated in the zone is complete bullshit. When a mining company gets absolutist, the way we find out the lies are always difficult ways. Also, as a friend of mine said in a mail this morning regarding CNL's NR on the subject yesterday, once the facts of the matter were laid out:

"The rest of the NR is shameful promotion."