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The Guardian does Tahoe Resources (TAHO) (

Mining company love it when mainstream media start looking at their operations, right? Right? But of all the report, the list and catalogue of corporate abuse, this is by far my favourite quote:

“There are a small number of vocal opponents who foment intimidation and violence in the region. This has led to a number of violent incidents which sometimes creates a general environment of impunity that violent activists foment,” said spokeswoman Edie Hofmeister.

Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen, Edie Hofmeister* really is this freakin stupid. Full report here.

UPDATE: And then there's this today from Bloomie:

Tahoe Resources Inc., whose flagship Guatemalan mine has been suspended, is taking steps to cut costs, including possibly slowing an expansion of a project in Peru and trimming exploration.
The Reno, Nevada-based company may also discuss halting its dividend at an August board meeting and might slow down the payment of bills, Chief Executive Officer Ron Clayton said  Thursday in a telephone interview.
“We certainly are already cutting back on things that are very discretionary,” Clayton said, adding the company will decide in the next two to three weeks what else it can save on. “Our gold mines, if we clip back a little bit on our exploration and capital spending, can generate cash.”

Whole thing here.

*Who got her job at TAHO because she's the tennis partner of Ferrari Kev's wife.