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The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:

Third Place: "The performance of major gold mining companies, February 29th 2016 to date", in which IKN kicks Goldcorp (GG) while it's down. Great mailbag feedback from this one too, thank you people.
Second Place: "Cordoba Minerals (CDB.v) hole ACD-063". Laugh or cry? You decide!
First Place: "The demolition of the Argentine Peso continues". I'm constantly amazed about which posts get popular and which don't. This one for example, not mining scandal or numbercrunching but a fairly straight comment on a macro financial matter. It seems more people are paying attention to Argentina and seeing through the neoliberal positive spin these days. By the way, since this post on Tuesday the deterioration of the Peso picked up speed and despite the Central Bank dumping U$305m on the local market Friday, the Peso closed at 18.01 to the dollar official and 18.43 on the street.