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What Robert Allen thinks of the Cordoba Minerals (CDB.v) deal with HPX

Robert Allen of the Bullet Group etc etc. It's fair to say that Allen is The Man when it comes to mining exploration in Colombia. Here's what he wrote to his circle of influence last night:


Friends, it's shades of black.

You may have recently received a mailing from Córdoba Minerals concerning a deal between HPX and Córdoba.

Córdoba and HPX are taking "Inside Dealings" to new levels that hasn't been seen since the BreX salting scam. It's criminal and an extremely bad deal for Córdoba shareholders.

It's a sad day when Cordoba's management and HPX withholds exploration results from the company's public shareholders, so that the Córdoba Directors & the HPX team hides all the cards on drill and exploration results and can take over the company using inside knowledge.

Córdoba has not released drilling or other exploration results to its minority shareholders or the public since before the PDAC in Toronto earlier this year.   Exploration on Córdoba's property is led by Robert Friedland's HPX. All results are known immediately by Mr Friedland's HPX company, but not other shareholders. This  deal clearly suggest illegal insider dealing and calls for a criminal investigation into Córdoba's CEO and Friedland-company. The Ontario Securities Commission should not let this pass and should investigate.

I encourage you to vote "no" on the Córdoba proposal as well as all the directors, who maybe also complicit in this illegal deal. I plan to contact the Ontario Securities Commission the TSXV and encourage you to do the same.

Robert W. Allen