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Chuck Higgins has left the building

Good news for the Canadian legal profession! Charles "Chuck" Higgins, the man who singlehandedly brought Fasken into disrepute through his dirty, self-serving, two-faced dealings while partner at the firm "has been retired" and left the company today. Now kicked out of Fasken and with nothing better to do, he's started his own two-bit firm which, hilariously, is called "Pilot Law LLP" after the bar he part owns with his partner in crime Daryl "Sell You A Doobie" Hodges, the failed broker who ruined Jennings and then moved on to by a failed CEO, kicked out by Minera IRL for trying to asset strip the company.

The abjectly stupid Higgins has even used the same pilot logo as the bar for his new firm.

As from Monday you'll find him sitting at the corner table, laptop and smartphone.