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Gary T parses Mohamed El-Erian on gold

What is it about normally insightful and erudite market voices that makes them spout dumbassery when it comes to gold? Over at NFTRH, main man Gary Tanashian takes the op-ed written by Mohamed El-Erian on gold and parses it beautifully. Here's how it kicks off:

"...Mohamed El-Erian has always seemed like a textured, critical thinker. Now it appears he knows exactly how to write the perfect mainstream media article talking about gold… it doesn’t matter if you’re bullish or bearish, just paint-by-numbers so the lowest common denominator will nod his head and want more scoops from a given outlet."

A case study of the metal and the debate around it, today's recommended read. So click here and read it, far better for you brain than this blog.