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Junior markets surprise of the day is... Constantine (CEM.v) only moved 3% higher on the back of this news release this morning. When your headline includes kickass stuff such as...

1.21 kilograms per tonne (38.9 opt) Silver over 2.7 meters
461 g/t (14.7 opt) Silver and 0.9 g/t Gold over 10.3 meters
11.3% Zinc over 17.8 meters and 9.9% Zinc over 20.4 meters

...and your market cap is under C$28m, you have to wonder why. I have a sneakydeaky feeling they might not have moved much because the NR only went out on some backwater service called Newsfile, not on Marketwired or CNW. If so, there's a shot at a sleeper move tomorrow Friday.