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Keith Neumeyer's dumbass predictions on silver, one year on

You remember August 2016 when Keith Neumeyer repeated his blithering idiocy on silver? We had "silver going back to 9 to 1 versus gold, or 15 to 1". We also has "silver going to $25/oz in 12 months" and of course...OF COURSE...all on the back of a "Buy First Mining Finance (FF.v) call which at the time was backed up by the paid pump being run by that utter scoundrel and partner in Keith's grime, the paid whore Daniel Ameduri. On that link above is IKN's lengthy answer to all this stupidity, so here we are a year long and it's time to beg the question as to how all these things have worked out Well, we know U$25/oz silver never showed up (as I write, Ag U$16.65). And we also know that...

...the gold silver ratio hasn't dropped to or even slightly towards Neumeyer's delusional ratios, in fact the gold/silver ratio has moved from 66X to 76X. And as for First Mining Finance (FF.v)...

....hmmmm, less said the better.