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Mo' TAHO: The reasons why the La Arena mine is under blockade

 This link has the full story, including a video and photos of the (obviously very effective) blockade. Here's a translation of key excerpts.

Locals in the La Arena Zone Paralyse Mine due to Firing of Manager

Since yesterday, residents in the La Arena area have closed down operations at the mining company in the vicinity due to their opposition to the firing of the mine manager, the engineer Mariano Yupanqui Rada.

The protesters are located at the gates of the La Arena mine with banners, in order that management reverse the decision to make the aforementioned manager redundant. They stated that they were happy with the work of Yupanqui because he had always complied with the agreements made between the company and the community, as well as gaining the respect and affection of locals due to the caring way in which he went about his work, no matter how rich or poor the people concerned.

The president of the local community 'Ronda' group, Eleuterio Baltazar Rodriguez, said that it was unfair because thanks to the work of Señor Yupanqui the mining company had avoided conflicts with the local community. "He is a person who knows how to connect with the people, we are not going to allow him to leave the company because he's a professional from this region and we don't want people from other places to come in and do his job".

Also, the president of the La Arena Urban Expansion Association and also the general secretary of the union of workers at the mine, Ernesto García Armas, voiced his opposition to the decision taken unilaterally by upper management at Tahoe Peru. He said that since Rio Alto was sold to Tahoe Peru they had seen many labour abuses and unjust redundancies.

He said, "If the company ignores us, we will continue with this blockade and then as from August 31st the union workers at the mine will go on indefinite strike in order to defend our rights".

UPDATE: Good afternoon Ferrari Kev! Having a pleasant day?

By the way, it turns out that La Arena has been blockaded since Monday evening. Was it something I said?