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Regarding Goldmoney (

In IKN430 dated August 13th your humble scribe did an unusual thing and commented on a non-mining stock, Goldmoney ( Here's that full piece:

Goldmoney ( An impressive 1q18
I was impressed with Goldmoney’s ( quarter as published on Friday (13) August 11th, which happens to be its 1q18 period due to its financial year ending March 31st. Revenues up YoY, a net profit of $2m (or adjusted $3.3m which is the one CEO Sebag underscored as more important) and definite signals of momentum increasing in its activities. The stock rallied on the news but is still under $3, which looks like a bargain for those with patience. For what it’s worth, Sebag and I have had intermittent contact over several years (started way back before Goldmoney or its previous name Bitgold even existed) and I’ve always been impressed with his sharp mind. I’ve been a doubter on this company for a long time, the concept of using gold as a backing for electronic transactions seemed like a redundancy to me. I may have to change my mind. Due to the move into mining company analysis it’s been a long time since I’ve looked closely at a financial services/quasi banking company seriously. I may have to change that too, its books are solid and if the idea reaches some sort of critical mass, this could be the start of something big. Even if it isn’t, there’s no chance of the current corporate structure collapsing, too much in the way of tangible assets on board.

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