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The best bit of the Primero Mining (PPP) news release today

This NR, this bit:

"The proposed transaction for the divestiture of Black Fox is consistent with our previously disclosed strategic review process to maximize value for shareholders," said Joseph Conway, President and Chief Executive Officer."

Maximize value.....max...i...mize...val...ue...IKN's advice is to consider that one slowly, mull it over, nibble at its edges. I mean, where the blinking flip and sexual intercourse swearword do you start with that blathering corporate nonsense? With the U$8 share price of Primero in 2014? Nah that's way too easy, we need to consider this chart as fairer game...

...because that runs from February 23rd 2017, the date on which Conway came back and took over the reins again. And it compares Primero to the Gold and Silver Index (XAU) and it shows The Conway Carcrash off 70% in less than six months. Or maybe this...

...the ten day chart.

Mining executives; the only people more stupid are the people who back them with their money. That's you, dumbass.