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Asanko Gold (AKG): Yes, they really are this stupid

A couple of interesting things arise from yesterday's NR out of AKG:

1) As other people such as Muddy Waters have noticed, the company QP Phil Bentley has quietly been removed from the company and its website. This is of course the same Phil Bentley whose work did for Great Basin Gold way back when.

2) To prove how stupid these people are, IKN has been told by more than one reliable source that in the days running up to yesterday's NR, AKG was quietly phoning round (what it deemed) "friendly desks" in the analysis/brokerage world, tipping people off about the upcoming negative news that would be in the NR. As Muddy Waters is currently short AKG, doing things like this is tantamount to suicide as 1) all insto desk phone calls are these days recorded 2) any smart US lawyer can subpoena for recorded information 3) Muddy Waters is full of smart lawyers. Once the smoking gun is discovered on these tip-off phone calls (and I am told they were most definitely in the plural) the USA listed AKG may well find itself in even more trouble than it is today.