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Brian Paes-Braga is having funding issues

More Bri-Bri!

Sources down under inform this humble corner of cyberspace that DV Resources, the shell that's reversing into Deepgreen Resources and will list on the TSXV as Deepgreen in order to promote the merry bejeez out of a very silly underwater mining wankfest idea, has come up short on its seed round of financing. Potentially wary of having Bri-Bri as head, not even having Frankie G in the background and Tommy Humphreys as pom-pom waver is enough for them. Result? Bri-Bri has told the private Deepgreen shareholders that he and his pally pals are willing to make up the difference, but as long as they get an extra slab of dirt cheap paper to sweeten things.

Bottom line: Deepgreen is already regretting falling for the Frank Giustra spiel. Hilarity will ensue.