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Cockroaches don't like sunlight, Allan Barry edition

Back in mid-May, the liar and thief CEO of Alset, Allan Barry, wrote some choice words about your author:

As noted at the time:
Silly boy, Allan. For one thing you can't be taken seriously when using phrases like "pro tip" because you are not a pro. You're not a geologist, not an engineer, not a lawyer, not anyone with a reasonable professional background or qualification to run a serious mining company. Being a professional lip-flapper only qualifies you for running scam juniors. For another, you don't even understand what the word "troll" means. For another, "Oh noooo! I'm a CEO and somebody said nasty things about me!" Comes with the territory, little boy. Grow up.

But the real one is at the end, that utter stupidity about drilling, because if you did have half a brain about explorecos you'd know that drilling selectively and then cherrypicking unrealistic results in order to pump a stock is exactly what scams like yours do. All the time. Run along now, get back to your everso everso busy CEO's desk.

So let's see how those "right things" getting done at ION.v have added value to the stock price:

Oh look! After a drill program that took a ridiculous amount of time to get published and in the end turned out to be the liquid version of dusters, the stock is now 45% down from the date of thin-skinned Allan's hissyfit.